Saturday, March 31, 2012

in the blue chair

I may have mentioned this, but I'm certain I haven't provided visual evidence. Remember I wanted a blue velvet chair, either wingback or rocking, to go in the Reading Corner of my Writing Room? I found one while thriftshopping with Elisa a couple of months ago. It is rocking/swivelling, so unfortunately it can't be my supervillain setting when the heroes finally reach my lair, but that's okay, because rocking has more longterm applicability.
As you may know, Bob, I already have the supervillain fluffy cat, though it is calico and not white. Do supervillains ever have calico or ginger cats? Just wondering. Priscilla has claimed the blue chair, and rests up in it for most of the day when I'm not home, storing up energy for her upcoming role as cat of the supervillain.
 Hm, I don't think supervillains have crocheted throws, either. Will I have to settle for Storytelling Crone instead of Supervillain?


Terri-Lynne said...

Storytelling crones have MUCH more power. Go for it.

batgirl said...

Aha, I found your comment! But now blogger is telling me there are two comments there, although I haven't replied yet - am I caught in a time-loop?

I would rather be a Storytelling Crone anyways. Maybe one from a Patricia Wrede story.