Friday, August 28, 2009

animal planet

Theoretically we live in a city. The provincial capitol, in fact. But when I bike to work I have to swerve around the rabbits and the occasional deer, because the university forest and lawns are attractive to wildlife.
Here's a video Mark took in our backyard. Oh, yeah, we live on an island. What's the name of that rule about islands making big animals smaller?

lifting my head from revision

to say that Spellcheck is now online at Mindflights.
A trifle of a story, but mine own.

And a favour, please, from those of you who are on Facebook (which I'm not). Could you go and 'fan' Mark's business on Facebook? He's Mark Shier, and the business is Gaukler Medieval Wares. Thank you!

Okay, back to revision now.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Last minute roundup

To all my VP and generally-writerly friends, a reminder that this coming weekend, August 22-23, is the VP++ Open House, here in Victoria.
If you are planning to come, give me a shout on email, or on my LJ (I'll be posting a brief reminder there too) so we can work out crash space and pickup from ferry or airport.
If you can only be here in spirit, I hope your spirits have lots of fun.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

the whirligig of time

brings me back to the present. Kristen and I arrived in Olympia Friday night, very late, and left very early Saturday morning to get me and my stuff back to Victoria. Today I should be all bright and chipper, surely?

Knowledge Gained though not necessarily assimilated:
Pennsic was fun. Worldcon was more fun but less sleep.
Someone cleverer than me could write up an entertaining compare-and-contrast between Pennsic and Worldcon, for way too much happening at once, the Brigadoon Effect, geek culture, etc.
It takes longer to reach Olympia from Montreal than it does to reach Pittsburgh from Olympia. I blame the Great Lakes.
Funniest road sign: Bong Recreation Area.
Most disappointing Worldcon panel: Medieval Technology.
Person most worth buying drinks for: Mary Robinette Kowal, using the keywords 'puppetry disasters'.
Most worthwhile purchase while on the road: 3 flavours of fudge. Sugar hit is at least as effective as caffeine.
In sidetrip bargaining, the Badlands loop is worth at least an hour at the Montana Valley Book Store. (fulfilling a decades-old whine on my part)
Just because something is called a Kaffeeklatch, there is no guarantee that coffee will be present.
One of the things I love about the SCA (despite everything): the Chinese makeup class was taught by a Black woman. The Asian lady in charge of the gate was dressed in lovely 12th c. Norman fashion.
Wooden pattens can be played like castanets (or is it zills?).
Bring food with you. Just in case.
Mur Lafferty is not a mythical creature.
TNH has no fear of heights (possibly not even reasonable caution of heights).
Published writers may not be able to correctly identify passive voice.
Even if you have just learned how to make a brush from porcupine hair (not quills), your travel partner probably won't let you stop for that roadkill porcupine on the way home.

More later, with pictures. Maybe a nap now. Also later, possibly, griping about Customs & Immigration.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

temporal displacement

I'm at Worldcon. I'm not sure what sort of geek cred one racks up for hitting both the premier SCA (historical re-creation) event and the premier SFnal event in rapid succession, but it may take me a while to run through my amassed capital.
Online access is still a bit spotty, as the wifi and the power outlets aren't in the same spot, and my EEE seems to take about 5-8 tries before a successful connection. Urgh. But here I am.

VPish news - have met up with or hung out with Evelyn, Mur and Nikki so far, but missed the VP get-together Friday night. Going for dinner with Doyle, Macdonald & Pippin tonight, and briefly shared a taxi with TNH and Nikki last night.
Went to panels & a couple of readings, bought a few books, ate doughnuts. Insufficient sleep. Will attempt to write more coherently later.

However, in the writing workshop, I had a small revelation about one of my themes (omigawd I have themes!!) which is that in Foretold, Godsmeat and Bluebeard Contented, the story is about a character refusing the narrative. Someone who's supposed to do the expected next thing, to fulfil the prophecy, to break the rule, to step aside, and who does not do what the narrative demands.
Not that I know what this means. Mostly it brings home that it's a challenge to show that character as having agency, even though in a way they have more agency than the apparently active character who's submitting to their role. Hm.