Friday, March 30, 2012

celebrating other authors

The results of the Merril Short Story Contest are out. Many congratulations to the following:

First Place ($350.00 CDN) goes to:
Sarah Ennals (The Emmet)
Second Place ($100.00 CDN) goes to:
Jason S. Ridler (Rikidōzan and the San Diego Swerve Job)
Third Place ($50.00 CDN) goes to:
Dr. Philip Edward Kaldon (Your First Real Rocket Ship)

I didn't win, as you can see. However, I did get a critique, and that's always good:

Hi Barbara,

We've hashed out the disposition of the finalist stories, and,
unfortunately, "Climbing Boys" didn't make the cut for the top three.

The consensus seems to be that the piece is overlong for what it does. For
my part, I think it's the middle portion of the story that doesn't keep
pace with the rest of the piece.

Also, there is one thing I will ask you. Since the finalist stories are
going to be listed with attendant author's names once the list of winning
stories goes up in a day or two, is there a link you would like me to
attach to your name in the listings?


I had wondered if 'Climbing Boys' was going to join 'Foretold' in the category of 'won a prize but can't get bought'. Instead it joins the better-populated category of 'not quite working'. However, I shall take comfort in the association of my name with Judith Merril's, however briefly.

The rest of the shortlist as follows, with appropriate congratulations:

Colleen Anderson (The Ties That Bind)
James Bambury (The Mobius Garden)
Suzanne Church (Muffy and the Belfry)
Barbara Gordon (Climbing Boys)
Claire Humphrey (Weathermakers)
Kari Maaren (My Profit On’t Is)


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Thank you!
I think the part they're finding slow is the ghost-story-parody aspect. Not sure if taking that out doesn't diminish the story's humour, though. Hmm.