Sunday, April 1, 2012

vaguely resentful

I signed up for Facebook. Because the cousin I lost touch with about three years ago is on it, and it seems like the only way to regain contact.
Despite the fact that I've only sent a friend request to one person, and that one blood-related to me, FB is showing me vast lists of people I know from the SCA and prompting me to contact them. I'm a bit worried that I've somehow let the vampire across the threshold here. I mean, they can't go and loot my SCA address book unless I actually let them in, can they? Not just by my using my SCA-specific email as the contact email for validating my registration?
Just glad I didn't use my personal email address.
Already I'm regretting the fact that now whenever I sign a petition for human rights or labour rights I won't be able to blithely dismiss the followup 'Like Us on Facebook! Promote us on Twitter!' Though as Mark pointed out, if I don't go and sign up a bunch of friends, it won't matter what I put on my page, wall, thingy. And if I did sign up a bunch of friends, they'd get bored pretty quickly and block me, or whatever it is.
People do this for fun?
Excuse me. There are a bunch of middle-aged people on my lawn and I need to go shout at them to get off it. 


Terri-Lynne said...

You're on FB??? I'm heading over there now to "friend" you.

There's a bunch of VPers in there. You can scour my list if you want.

Terri-Lynne said...

Ok, there are far too many Barbara Gordons on FB. I can't find you! Friend me. :)

batgirl said...

Remember how you felt about LJ? Double that for how I feel about FB. The dikes are crumbling, and floodwaters seep across the land.
Also, my cousin still hasn't answered...