Sunday, April 29, 2012

in which I do not run

 Other people ran or walked or ran/walked 10 kilometres through the streets of Victoria. I drank tea at the Union Club, surrounded by leather couches and wood-panelled walls. Then I trotted down to the finish line to be a support person, with a bag of bananas and pullovers.
 I tried to photograph Mark at the finish line but what with the temporary fencing and the crowds, I missed the moment. But here he is a couple of minutes after, swigging water before walking through the tents offering free juice, chocolate milk, fruit slices, yogurt, and cookies.

 We had to wait a bit for the rest of our party, giving time for Mark to debrief with his personal trainer (Marie-Claude) and for me to take more photos. The TC10K doesn't attract as many novelty runners as some do, but I was somewhat gobsmacked to see the firefighter team, who ran in full gear including tanks and hoses.

 There's a noticeable shift in body-type from the first wave of runners through, who tend overall to be long and lean, to the later arrivals, where you see more short thin people and more tall bulky people
 Kind of heartwarming to see the families coming through together, mothers and daughters, dads and kids.
 And here's Shona, completing our party triumphantly. Then we all went for second breakfast at the Union Club, where the runners had luxurious showers and changed into clothing appropriate for the setting.


Terri-Lynne said...

Runners...strange and crazy beasties. :)

batgirl said...

You ever notice how much the process of becoming a runner is like the process of becoming a smoker? You have to persist through early days of headaches and nausea until you find the high, and then you want to do it every day?