Monday, September 5, 2011

Sunday wordcount

Finished near midnight with 11011.
Not my lowest, but not the 12-14k I aimed for.  Today will be a hard slog if I want to break the 20k ceiling for the first time. Saturday is easier usually because I'm following the characters around and exploring the world. Sunday the characters need to do something, and I start to second-guess myself about what they should do and how it will lead to a resolution. However, in the last couple of hours I decided to write from the child-goddess's pov, and that perked things up. (I should remember this! Alternating storylines are a Good and Helpful Thing.)

Last lines written last night:
    Only I wondered sometimes, as I was washed and painted for the day, why only the Little Girl aspect took a mortal vessel, and the Fierce One went unbodied?


Terri-Lynne said...

Oh, I love that line! Very intriguing.

Keep on, keeping on!!!

Sharon Needles said...

Oooh! Shades of Kali-Ma!

batgirl said...

Done and done! Now, back to writing!

Sharon, the child-goddess is based loosely on the Kumari tradition in Nepal, so there are some shades of Kali :) good catch!

Sharon Needles said...

I want to read this, as Kali-Ma is intriguing to me. Females are most often depcted as well-springs of nurturing and creation (i.e. Mary, Durga, Sita, etc), but Kali-Ma is a vengeful destroyer.