Friday, September 2, 2011

on my way to bed

Because this weekend is the 3-Day Novel Contest, and I must be well rested. And sparkling with brilliant ideas and thick with fully-rounded characters and chattering with witty dialogue! Or at least rested.

In other exciting news, Mark suggested that I take over Chris's old room for a writing room. He's been using it to sort & store antiquities and take photos for the website, but if I got my desk and the futon-couch out of the 'computer room' he'd probably have room to do that in there.
I could move my stacks of research books into one place and put them on shelves - of course we'd need to build floor-to-ceiling shelves on two walls. Maybe move my children's books in there as well.
A room of my own, just for writing.

I had been longingly browsing shed designs (Summerwood lets you customise your designs online, plus has immense design galleries to play around in) and occasionally looking at cabins at (I classify this as house-pr0n, lusting after things impossible to perform) But having my own room would be pretty much as good as having my own building, with access to electricity, refrigeration, and tea.
So now I'm browsing Where I Write and the Guardian's series on Writers' Rooms.

Bed time! I'll try to post my 3-Day progress.


Terri-Lynne said...

I love having my very own space to write in, put all my writerly stuff in. I even have a futon in there for when I need nap. No, not!@ Yes, that's it. Brainstorm.

You're three day marathon is about over now that I'm finally reading here, but...Huzzah and good luck!

Sharon Needles said...

Virginia Woolf would be so very supportive of this! Wonderful!

The only way it could be better if, like Vita Sackville-West, your writing room was in a turret.

But we can't have everyhting, I suppose.

batgirl said...

It is very Virginia Woolf, isn't it? I think part of the spur was my agent saying I could write a big mainstream fantasy - makes it serious, donchaknow?

I so much wanted a house with a turret, when we were looking at houses originally.

Terri, I'm going to have either a rocking chair or a big armchair to be comfortable in while I, um, research, that's it. Serious research.