Sunday, September 4, 2011

Saturday wordcount

Yesterday's progress:
Sitting at the laptop by 7 AM with a cup of tea.
8 AM broke for breakfast with a wordcount of 1002.
1:20 PM stopped for lunch, wordcount 3045
6:30 PM stopped for dinner, needing food, although my wordcount was only 4682, not the 5k I'd aimed for.
Closed at 11 PM with a wordcount of 6763, shy of the 7-8k I'd wanted, but still my highest Day 1 count ever. Previous highest was 6555 in 2009.

Title is Vessels.
First line: The day began with portents. That's never a good sign.
Last bit written last night:
    Virgie thought it over, tearing her muffin into blue-stained crumbs. "There are only two groups? Not more?"
    "Lots more," I said, taking my turn at the cookpot. "But only two that want a public fight for dominance."


Terri-Lynne said...

FABOOO! You're a machine, woman!

Sharon Needles said...

Love the first line!

batgirl said...

Terri, for me, it's a pretty good wordcount. Other people on the discussion thread hit 40k by the end of the weekend.
I'll never be a speedster, but I hope to slowly improve my speed and reduce my dithering.

Thanks, Sharon! I was worried it wouldn't come across, so that's a relief - though you may be sharper than many readers.

Terri-Lynne said...

Something tells me those 40K have lots of...cuttable stuff. It's not quantity, but quality!

Or is that not the gist of the whole thing. :-P

batgirl said...

The speedsters also usually have to reserve time for editing, which in my slowness I don't, because I tweak as I write. So there's that advantage :)