Sunday, June 19, 2011

roses in bloom

The inevitable rose pictures, since it was sunny today.
Here's the Dortmund, blooming like mad despite its chewed-up leaves. It will keep on with this into the fall. But this year I really will prune it before winter. Really.

Below is Bourbon Queen, and despite the horrid wet cold spring she is blooming. Hurrah! I was worried for her. You can see Dortmund intertwined with the Queen - mesalliance?

Sorry the focus is a bit off. I was so excited to see a bloom on the Rosearie de la Haye that I wasn't careful. I wish I could capture its scent for you. mmm.

Sir Clough, not as huge as last year but still impressive to me. This one needs pruning badly, it's getting top-heavy canes.

Just for a change, the front-steps peony, climbing towards the house instead of out to the garden. My other photo is head-on and makes it look vaguely threatening - maybe I should have posted that one?


Terri-Lynne said... I'm going to go from here to google Othello roses (my favorite) to see where I can get a bush. Must. Have. Roses.

Curses, woman! See what you've done!

batgirl said...

Books and roses, I am a wicked temptress! (I don't know Othello, I'll have to go and look now)
Oh, I can't believe it - my word ver is 'topick'!

Terri-Lynne said...

Ha! Topick. I love those little connections, world to world.

Othello roses look more like peonies, and they smell DIVINE. Prettiest scent in the rose world, as far as I'm concerned. They're a bit prone to those black spots though. :( Very resistant to Japanese beetles, though.

batgirl said...

Black spot, oh yes, we have that.
I have planted a greengage plum in the front yard. This makes me happy, but Mark will have to make the jam when we get fruit. I don't wish to become a jam-maker.