Saturday, June 25, 2011

red rose and the white

One of the backyard gallicas, with bonus ladybug.

One of the backyard albas, half open.

Bonus book link: if you are interested in diversity in YA general fiction (as well as fantasy), have a look at Truth, Beauty, Freedom and Books recent post on the Nerds Heart YA contest. Both books discussed look like ones I'd pick for my occasional forays into non-genre reading.


Terri-Lynne said...

How white that rose! And not an aphid in sight. Gorgeious.

Phoenix Sullivan said...

Ahhh, roses and rants. I need to hang out here more often :o)

batgirl said...

For the rose pictures, visit in the summer, but rants occur randomly throughout the year ;)
Very pleased if I've paid back a fraction of the enjoyment I have from your blog, Phoenix.

Terri, of course there are no aphids - the ladybug patrol has taken care of them all. Now, if I could only get them after the caterpillars...