Wednesday, June 1, 2011

bike to work week

So I have been biking to work. So far (cross fingers, knock on wood) the weather has cooperated by not actually raining, and not being too hot for comfortable bicycling.

Registrations have opened up for the 3-Day Novel Contest, so I will be getting mine in. I wish I had any sort of idea for this year, whether plotline, conceit, opening scene or character. The last few mornings I haven't even been able to remember my dreams.

The weekend before last I cut about 4 inches off my hair, by the expedient of braiding it tight to the end, and cutting across the braid. Now my brushed-out hair is only to my waist, and braided hangs to the middle of my back. It is even across the bottom, which it has never been, creating the illusion that my hair is unexpectedly thicker.
I find myself fiddling with the tail of it, and having odd tactile memories of my mother's hair. She had the most gorgeous thick auburn hair, shoulder-length and wavy. The very tail-end of my hair verges on her colour, but mostly mine is duller and browner.
My mother was the last person to cut my hair, in September of 1974, shortly before she died. I wondered if I would have a massive spasm of regret after hacking off the bottom part, but so far I haven't.

In other news, I still haven't finished The Cost of Silver. It is the book that never ends.


Terri-Lynne said...

Cut...your hair?? Oh my!!! That did take courage, eh?

I'm still working on A Time Never Lived, MY story that seems to never end. I've been writing the rising action/climax for what seems like months. It HAS been months. This story is a bit more complicated than Finder, AND the family life has been non-stop chaos. I'm still waiting for that bit of boring to descend.

batgirl said...

I have kept the cut-off bit, though I suppose that's a mildly creepy thing to do. I wonder is it more creepy to keep one's own hair, or less, than someone else's?

You are such a trooper to have kept writing steadily _and_ coped with all the family crises and uproar you've had. I am so impressed. But man, doesn't it seem like forever sometimes?

Terri-Lynne said...

It DOES seem like forever, though I really shouldn't complain. I started ATNL a year ago February; when I finish this "first" draft, it'll be dang close to a final one. A year and a half isn't too much to ask of myself. Finder was written and published in almost exactly a year. That sort of thing does NOT happen twice! It'll get done, and it won't be several years in the making. I have to get over myself, stop being so hard on myself.