Tuesday, June 26, 2012

still on crutches

On Thursday I see the orthopedic surgeon. He will look at my leg and in some way or other (MRI? jiggling the bones?) determine whether or not I have popped the ligaments, and whether or not I'll need surgery.
There is nothing I can do to affect this, so I've decided not to fuss. At least it's good odds that I'll have the immobilizer off and be able to stand on me own two feet, with or without a knee brace. And surgery or not, there will be physiotherapy. Which I'm told hurts--but perhaps from the arthritis I have learned not to mind pain so much when I know it isn't warning pain, just my-body-out-to-get-me pain. Removing the fear of further damage made a huge difference to how I dealt with the arthritis pain.
Ah, this is making me sound all brave and stuff, so I should acknowledge that I have next to no arthritis pain, and that the pain from the knee has been minimal, which are good things because I'm not brave at all about pain.

I was going to brighten this entry up with some pictures of roses, but for some reason the uploader isn't letting me choose any. I'll try again later.


Terri-Lynne said...

My favorite is the ladybug on the leaf. What a cute pic!

I'm going to continue reading the knee saga before I comment on it. I hope it turns out well!

(When did you turn into a regular blogger!?)

batgirl said...

And I've made it the pic for my facebook page (see how you influence me?) There's a very cute slug picture I may post too.
The knee saga has a happy ending :)