Tuesday, June 12, 2012

and so on

No great changes. I'm still sleeping downstairs, the upstairs windows haven't come back yet, my leg is still in an immobilizer and I'm still crutching to and from the bathroom. The cat still thinks this is the best thing ever, unless the sun is out and she'd rather sleep in the straw-bedded garden.

I managed, by cunning use of gravity, to bend my leg nearly 90 degrees--hanging it over the edge of the bed. No further than that, though I've been gently bending and straightening each day. I've continued with weights and leg-lifts, but haven't increased my reps or anything. Calf is still flabby but the swelling around the knee has gone down a fair bit.

And after a lot of angsting about crutches and fear of falling, I'm going to try a half-day at work tomorrow morning. My supervisor has been great, finding me a non-wheeled chair so I can get up and down safely, and a footrest, and arranging for me to get in through the mailroom and service elevator so I don't have to crutch all over heck and gone. She also said I shouldn't fixate on doing a half-day but just see how I hold up with crutches and stop as soon as I'm tired.

So we'll see how tired I am tomorrow. My energy levels are still unpredictable.

Writing:  The best thing about getting started with the interweaving of Storyline Two and Storyline One is that I get to revise Storyline One. I like revising, in part because it means working with something that's already written and just needs fixing.
Whether I'll still feel happy about this when I hit the Great Big Revision parts (like peeling out the reusable bits of one war and filling them in with the appropriate historical detail of another war altogether? Not sure.
However, I am telling myself to Not Worry whether the two storylines resonate or echo each other yet. That can wait. For now, just get them sliced and interleaved in rough proportion.

Oh, and I sent my application in for the 3-Day Novel Contest. Somewhat later than usual, because I dithered about whether I should go to WorldCon instead. But that would be expensive travel, hotel, and so on, and the 3-Day is only $50 plus some measure of sanity. And sanity is overrated, right?

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