Saturday, May 26, 2012

A good day

Made it through today without painkillers. Long nap in the middle of the day, some writing before and after.  The day has been bright and warm, with only a little wind. Had dinner al fresco in the back garden, my first time outside since getting back from the hospital. I did have to be lifted up and down the back steps. I am still clumsy with crutches though slightly less halting than at first.
Last night I washed my hair and gave myself a sponge bath, and the glow of cleanliness lingers. I'm hoping the exercise I had earlier will keep me from aches and twitches in the night.

ETA:  a series of dreams where (the immobilizer having vanished) I walked a few steps without support, only to realise that I'd just buggered my knee and set everything back by months. 


Anonymous said...


I was on a crutches for a few days once and was amazed how difficult it was. I hope you move on to a walking cast soon.


batgirl said...

I would take it as a good upper-body workout if it weren't for the constant apprehension. Sigh.

batgirl said...

Hope you're enjoying your long weekend! We had ours last week.

Terri-Lynne said...

That dream is telling you to take it easy!!!

batgirl said...

I thought it was telling me to be twitchy and paranoid ;p
And I had another one last night. Sigh.