Sunday, January 1, 2012

wherein I am artsy

 Thought I'd be lazy and just post some of the photos I took in the summer, a couple of which aren't bad, or might be mildly interesting.

 This below is a view of the shower (women's) at Coopers Lake Campground, the site of the Pennsic war. The building is over 100 years old - if you zoom, you can see adze marks on the roof joist. For several years, these three stalls (and three on the other side for men) were it for showers, unless you rigged something at your campsite. Now that Pennsic gets over 10k attending, there are a couple of shower trucks and other buildings, plus most group encampments have shower tents. It's still a rare occurence to find the whole room empty, so I commemorated the moment. About 2 or 3 am, I think it was, and the greenish light gives it a nicely underwater eerie look.

 At Mark's urging, I took my camera on a couple of early morning walk-runs around the camps. I may have mentioned that many groups do elaborate painted fabric walls or trompe l'oeil gates. This group went for the macabre. If someone had been awake I would have asked if it was a portrait or a generic head.

 I took so many photos on the way back, of changing landscapes, rock formations, cool clouds and lotsa vistas. This one comes under cool clouds--I like the way the sky mirrors the perspective of the lane lines, though I probably should have trimmed off some of the top third to emphasise it.

 Rock formations, did I say? Nature--not that subtle, really.

 We pulled over into this tiny town below for the sake of photographing the, um, mesa, that overlooks it. Although we found a good vantage point and got shots of it alone, I prefer this view interlined with houses.

 I'm a bit of a sucker for neon. We came out of the last hotel early early-oh, and I saw this sign against the hill. Just in time--a couple of minutes later the lights went out for morning.


Terri-Lynne said...

The head on a spike one is pretty creepy!

batgirl said...

It's a very serene head, though. Contemplating the infinite. I had to zoom in with the camera to be quite sure it was a head.

Hm. If you put your enemy's head on a pike, could you magically use it as a watchman? Could it be trusted, if it were your enemy's head?

Three With Eyes That See said...

I sense a new element to your next story...

Three With Eyes That See said...

Ooos, that's me, TERRI! I have to sign out of my Heroines of Fantasy user name.

batgirl said...

I guessed! (I have to get my act together and start commenting on HoF, instead of just lurking)

Actually, I did use a similar idea in the co-written book, with threshold burials, and meant to develop it further in a later book in the planned series. Ooh, it might go quite well in Cost of Silver. Hmmmm.