Wednesday, January 11, 2012

under the year-end tree

 The tree came down after Twelfth Night, as it should. I fiddled around with my camera, but couldn't quite catch how silvery and otherworldly it looked in the dark morning.

 For happy things to find under the tree, a round-up of photos from World Fantasy, starring Viable Paradise alumnae/i. First up is Nikki, author and fibre artist, with great hair.

Terri, author, editor, and kick-butt earth-mother.

Dave, author, cool dad, and Voice of Podcastle.

Zak, the best-dressed dark fantasist I know, and Sharon in conversation with Sherwood Smith. More great hair. 

What do you think of this for my new author-photo? I think Cory really makes the composition stand out. 


Terri-Lynne said...

Great pictures!! I love it. I miss everyone.

batgirl said...

Are you going to make it to next WFC? Maybe we can actually organise a VP reading - I should buzz over to the Yahoo group and ask.

Terri-Lynne said...

I doubt it very much. Doing VP staff means I'd have to go away twice in one month. Just too much traveling. I'm sad, too, beause one of my authors is launching her novel at WFC in Toronto.

There is a slim chance, very slim, but it would be kind of last minute.