Tuesday, February 10, 2009

things sent to try us

My original plan was to have a hot bath while reading Evil Editor's Why You Don't Get Published, then all warm and rosy, pop into bed. That was before I noticed that the bath was less than lukewarm. Before I heard trickling water under the stairs. Before I pried off the back of the closet and saw water on the floor around the water heater.
Well, the part that can be dealt with at 8:30pm is dealt with. I've turned off the tap at the top, I've clicked over what looks like the right switch in the fusebox, I've wrapped a towel around the bottom of the tank, and I'm having a small glass of port instead of a hot bath, while the Consumer Reports page on water heaters is open in another tab.
Fortunately I have tomorrow off, because I'll be spending it getting a new water heater installed.


Bevie said...

That is annoying. No time is a good time for nuisance trouble, but at least you were home to contain it. Good luck with a replacement.

batgirl said...

Thanks! Fortunately both times we've had a leak like that, I've discovered it early on. The annoying part is that the van is in Arizona, so I'm at the mercy of deliverypersons as well as plumbers.
I'm actually rather tempted to mop it up and just do without hot running water for the next few days until Mark gets home with the van. I can shower at the gym at work ...