Saturday, February 14, 2009

Gone to be a pinky-beige prune

There is hot water. I wonder how many books I can read before the bathwater gets too cold and deep to reheat?

An unexpected side-effect of the agent research is the adding-to of my TBR pile. I've just finished Black Ships, by Jo Graham, a retelling of the Aeneid, which I'd read an excerpt from on the Orbit Books site some time back (I'm subscribed to the Orbit newsletter, as well as to
Black Ships is very very good. The setting is strongly evoked, the characters are thoroughly imagined, and the story is gripping. Graham uses fairly modern language, which I didn't mind, and only a few times did I feel the language carried attitudes that didn't fit (to my mind) with the society of the time. (The use of 'You think?' on one occasion).
Midnight Never Come, by Marie Brennan, is next up, and The Cup of the World by John Dickinson (Peter Dickinson's son! okay, that was geeky of me, but still) if it arrives in time.

There is hot water. I've forgotten too much Latin to think of the equivalent of Facta est Lux for water (hot, for purposes of bathing). Facta est aqua?


Terri-Lynne said...

You've been a blogging fiend! I usually check your blog about once every week, usually to find you haven't posted--now today I find several posts over the last couple of weeks! Woohooo!!

Glad you have hot water again. When I was out of power for about 5 hours last week, (no heat, no lights, no computer) it made me realize just how much of my day revolves around power; hot water included. No tea! Not even lukewarm! Ahhhhhhhhh!!!

Good luck with your queries. I'm pulling for you and WK!

batgirl said...

Sometimes I miss the cabin in Sooke, and no fuss about power or running water or telephones. But I don't suppose I could stand giving up the online life now--times change.
4 rejects so far, 3 form and one that might be personal, hard to say. Ack, just realised I haven't done my remaining two queries for this Sunday!

Sha'el, Princess of Pixies said...

Hi, Barbara. I've lost your email. Please email me at WarDancingPixie @ verizon. net.

I need a bit of help with something ....

Alex Moore said...

glad you finally got your hot water :) I was thinking yesterday morning how fortunate I was to have hot running water and a full 10 minute shower... I mean, these few years we've had such luxuries is a blip in the history of mankind. (Tho, admittedly, i'm probably a little odd -- I mean, who else ponders those things?)

Anyway, Dragon in Chains just arrived, and I'm very excited to dig into it! Have fun w/ your reading adventures

batgirl said...

I haven't got hold of Dragon in Chains yet, though I'm planning to, because the Chinese setting is a real draw for me.
Happy reading!

I realise we're in better shape than many in town, should the power go out, because we have a small woodstove, a couple of Coleman lanterns, and so on. We're not all the way into what James Burke called the Technology Trap.