Saturday, July 26, 2008

honourably mentioned

I returned from my sojourns in the past to encounter pleasing and surprising news. My one-and-only published story is among the honourable mentions in Gardner Dozois's Year's Best Science Fiction.
Coyote Wild collected three honourable mentions, which is pretty spiff for a rather new e-zine:
The Ladies, by Elizabeth Bear (her story "Tideline" made Year's Best)
Marsdog, by Beth Bernobich
The King of Elfland's Stepdaughter, by Barbara Gordon

I'm more than a little stunned (picture the birdies and stars spinning around my head in cartoon fashion) to be included, right there next to Real Writers with published books and stories in the plural.
The ToC for the Twenty-fifth Year's Best Science Fiction can be found here, and it's mentioned that there are usually 10-12 pages of honourable mentions (I wonder what size the font is?).

I have updated my website accordingly. Have I mentioned before that I have a website? Maybe not, because anyone who reads this blog already knows me well enough to have heard about it personally.
It is a pretty but not ornate site, made using Freesitedesigner, and bears a family resemblance to Zoe Marriott's website, she being the one who tipped me off to their lovely templates.

Now I think I'll go and see if I can tempt the circling birdies to settle and eat some breadcrumbs.


Evan Goer said...

Outstanding Barbara, that's fantastic!

batgirl said...

Thanks, Evan! I'm still not quite sure it's not a typo...

Anonymous said...

I love that story! Congratulations and well deserved.


cal said...

I'm in awe--


batgirl said...

Thanks! I'm going to have to get hold of the book itself and see what the other stories are like (I've read 3 or 4 of the winners already).

Lulu said...

Omigawd, I didn't think it was possible for you to rock any harder than you previously did, but you continually amaze and inspire me.

And I'm not being at all facestious.


batgirl said...

Thanks! But the awesomeness is more on the part of Dozois & Co. in wading through all those stories, including all the e-published ones. Dedication!