Monday, June 23, 2008

drafty in here, hur, hur.

Other than reading the last bit over in the morning, to be sure there isn't some error that makes a nonsense of it all, I'm done with the third draft of The Willow Knot.
104k wordage by Word's count.
Tomorrow I'll muck about with copying the file onto this-here computer and emailing it to round two of beta-readers. Plus printing out a double-spaced version for Paul, who prefers hard copy.

This coming week I will be living in the later 14th century, where laptops are unknown, and where Linot is only literate enough to keep her account-books in order.

And now I'm going to bed.


Dave said...

How did you finish it so fast?!?! I started my rewrite before you did, I'm sure! Damn you!!!!!!

*slicks back hair*

I'd be happy to give it another whack, BTW.

batgirl said...

I had the advantage of 5 days in someone else's house with no distractions, to get me started. That was a real piece of luck!
Thanks for the offer, that's lovely - I'll see if I can email it to you from my EEE this week (ooh, wonders of technology!)
And you know I'm up for yours, right?