Monday, November 26, 2007

Twentysixth day of NaNoWriMo, wordcount 27kish

I'm mostly posting so that I can update the tickerfactory counter. Self-indulgent, yes. The wordcount here is the count from a .txt file in OpenOffice. When I transfer the text to the Nano wordcount validator, or, apparently to AbiWord, I lose a substantial number of words by wordcount. The first time it was about 500, but as the text increases, it's up to 800 less, give or take.
Which is kind of disconcerting, even though it's just the count, not actual text gone away.
Anyway, for comparison purposes, here's the counter again.

My cunning plan to write a story that required no research other than checking the Motif Index wasn't all that cunning (big surprise). So far I've had to research Northwest Indian tribes, carny slang and the sharecropping system. All because of my inability to just make things up.
However, I did find a very interesting article on gender bias in the Arne-Thompson Motif Index, which made some telling points. I posted the link on the scribblers thread, and realised that I'd reached some pinnacle of geekery just in saying that.
The article is in JSTOR, if you're the same kind of geek that I am, and it's Folklore Heroines and the Type and Motif Indexes, by Torborg Lundell.
And now I believe I'll go to bed, and read a bit more of The Serpent's Egg, by Caroline Stevermer. And be thankful that the author doesn't feel the need to explain the monarchy system when the prince arrives, nor the physiology of horses whenever someone rides somewhere. (Why yes, I am thinking of the last book I was reading).


Anonymous said...

Making stuff up is harder than it looks, and the worst part is that if you do it really well, they may not recognize you made it up at all.

the Avocado

Cheryl said...

The Avocado has a point. I have a pretty finely tuned BS filter, but I have still been snowed by one or two writers who managed to convincingly make up historical or scientific "facts." Better to just get some background... or write ridiculous kids' movies like, say, The Bee Movie, that gets everything wrong and makes absolutely no apologies.

Anonymous said...

Hey, there! Just touching base. I'm reading. I'm READING! I didn't want to leave you hanging. I should finish Willow Knot around the holidays.

Good work on the nano!

batgirl said...

My co-writer is actually brilliant at making stuff up. The problem with that ability is that as soon as the reader catches the false detail, everything becomes suspect.
I love the idea of making everything up - but in practice I get nervous without handholds. I have a sticker on my laptop that says B.I.R.D., which stands for 'Because it's right, dammit!'

Hi Terri - thanks! Don't let it interfere with your holidays, though - they come first.