Saturday, November 24, 2007

intermission: book covers and news

This came up in comments recently, and I think it's interesting enough to mention here. Rachael de Vienne, whose work I first read on OWW, is being published by Drollerie Press (they have really gorgeous covers).
Her book is Pixie Warrior, with the great tagline: Being small enough to fit in your father's pocket is no excuse not to save the world. Which would definitely get me to pick it up and have a look.
And tomorrow, November 25, at 4pm EST, all going well, there will be an online chat with Rachael, through Drollerie. And all going well, I'll figure out how to participate in time. I'd better talk to the kid and get briefed.

ETA: a change of date. The chat will be December 2, 4pm EST. I'm guessing that the 'Chat Room' link will become active when the chat begins--at least that's what my son suggests. Now I need to check my schedule and make sure I'll be home then, or at least online-accessible.

The cover for Zoe Marriott's next book, Daughter of the Flames is also lovely and striking, with more Steven Rawlings art. This cover already pictures the heroine, so it's possible the US printing, by Candlewick, will get the same cover.
Her first book, The Swan Kingdom, has a great landscape cover, standing stones and flowers, and I'm told the US YA market prefers covers with characters. I've seen a draft(?) US cover for The Swan Kingdom, and it's very atmospheric, a darker look at the UK image, with a girl's figure central.

It does give one hope.

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