Friday, June 15, 2007

should I change my blog name?

Because the phrase "Writting Broad" gives me great joy. I found this half-size clipboard in the dollar store and bought it immediately, just for the name. You probably can't read the white captions on the photos at the bottom, but they read, from right to left:
'softly consider' (whether you really want to sit on a marble bench in that short a skirt)
'soft job' (but nobody opens doors for you)
'a soft tongue' (will disconcert the guy sitting next to you).
Almost better than 'Writting broad', but alas, not visible, even when I messed around with the contrast and brightness.

Writey stuff: I've finished the first draft of "Climbing Boys", and am uncertain whether to leave the disruption of the Ladies Society for the Alleviation of Indigence meeting as a brief reference in a conversation or to write it out as the opening incident. I'm also uncertain whether to keep the Punch-and-Judy metaphor in the ghost-sweeper's non-technical explanation, or use it as Ned's pov in the actual ghost capture.
Probably I will put it on OWW and get some opinions. Or not. I've been slowly vanishing from OWW, and the last chapter I had up there of Willow Knot got, oh, one review, from Dorothy Winsor (accepted for this years Viable Paradise, by the way, go Dorothy!). Fold got several reviews, but except for Cathy Freeze's, I suspect it was because of falling during the annual review drive. Some didn't seem to know how to take the story, which I do understand, because it isn't my usual thing, and it's not realistic, more like a dream, with dream-logic and characters whose ages and genders are unspecified.
On the other hand, "Climbing Boys" isn't anything too strange, structurally at least. A little Mervyn Peake influence sneaking into the style, perhaps, but pfah, he's practically mainstream by now.


Evan Goer said...

I find that usually when people ask this sort of question, they've already made up their mind. :)

batgirl said...

Which question, though? I have so many today!
I may have to change my AW byline to Writting Broad for a while, just to get it out of my system.

Evan Goer said...

That seems like a good way to dip your toes in the water...

Cheryl said...

I think "writting broad" is a perfect blog name and/or handle.

batgirl said...

Hi cheryl! I didn't know you blogged (gosh, rather a lot, now that I look).