Sunday, December 3, 2006

Opening sentences

In a work of fiction, the opening sentences are crucial to catching the reader's attention. In conversation, one tends to begin more gradually, with ums and ahs and questions of no great interest.
A blog looks more like conversation than narrative, so I shan't try too hard to begin with a bang or other startling event. I'm nervous enough as it is, though uncertain may be the better word.

Bibliographic Searcher is my job title, and it seems appropriate for much of what I do at work and at leisure. Searching for books, searching within books, searching for the best way to write a book, all of those endeavours.
I've begun this blog in the month which will see me turn 49, though as significance goes, that's a bit of a stretch. October would have been more relevant, as that was the month I attended the Viable Paradise writing workshop, and returned determined to finish the book. The workshop and the book are probably material for a later post.

A slow opening, I admit. Will Barbara finish her first draft before the end of the year? Will she update her blog, or let it join the flotsam of the internet, washing to and fro forlornly? Will she mess up her rotator cuff yet again while wrapping Christmas presents? Will she ever get back into the critiquing groove? Only her close personal friends are particularly interested in these questions, and even they are selective.

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