Friday, September 21, 2012

Brief PSA

So, a couple-three posts are getting hit by drug spammers pretty constantly. Blogger catches them and plops them in the spam-bucket without fail, but it's still annoying to see them pile up there. So I've tweaked my settings so that only 'registered users' can comment, which seemed more practical than requiring word ver, which isn't always easy for those without perfect vision.
I think that 'registered' includes something like four possible places one could be registered, not just Blogger. I'm hoping the change won't silence any of my regular readers, but if it turns out to be too restrictive I'll reconsider.

In other news, I've been picketing a lot. Expect a post on that, with pics.

1 comment:

batgirl said...

So far it seems to be working. Nyah-nyah, spammers!