Friday, August 31, 2012

wandering around

Maze pictures!
Because of the new campsite for Living History Week, I was able to place the labyrinth much closer to the tents and make it easier to spot. Because of some great help bringing up stones, I got it finished on the first full day, and later on tweaked it a little to make the 'walls' more curved and natural looking, though I don't know whether that really shows up on the photos.
It annoys me that apparently there's no way to zoom or enlarge a photo once it's posted on Blogger. Argh.
Anyways ....
 The maze in early morning, uninhabited.

 The maze in full use by the young and spry.

The maze for contemplation by the more sedate.
The ghost of the maze, all its bones removed.  (photo credit Joan Kew)

All symbolical this is for me, because tomorrow, right after midnight, the 3-Day Novel Contest begins--though I will not myself begin until something like 6 am, because I am old and need my sleep--and I am less prepared for it than I have ever been.
Seriously. I have less of an idea than ever, no outline, no characters. I might have a setting, in that my brother suggested I write about our childhood running about in the woods and lake and so on, specifically this passage from my website bio:
"The Chronicles of Narnia and Lord of the Rings taught me that forests were full of magic, and my brother and I spent most of one summer looking for the secret door to other worlds. We thought we'd found it once, where a huge tree had broken above our head-height, and toppled to land on another, making a rough gate. We walked between the trunks as many ways as we could think of, with different things in our pockets or hands, but never got through into the other world."

Will anything come of this? We shall see. 


Cheryl DeWolfe said...

Oh! I love that last photo of the ghost of the maze. Lovely reminder of the many feet that walked the path.

Best of luck this weekend. I completely failed Camp NaNoWriMo and I had a whole month!

Terri-Lynne said...

I love the ghost maze too. It's there, and yet it's not there. The idea of it is there, the memory of it, but--no bones. Cool.

I imagine you decided upon your setting and characters since you're already a couple of days into the three-day. Happy writing!

batgirl said...

Thanks! Cheryl, I have failed Nanowrimo something like 5 times now. It seems the sprint suits me better than the marathon.
Terri, I swear next year I'm going to have an outline. This making it up as I go is a real slog. And even with an outline, there's still room for serendipity and surprises.
Note to self: remember this next August!