Friday, February 10, 2012

The others ran too fast

Was the title my dad had chosen for his autobiography, from an overheard exchange at a school Sports Day:  "Why didn't you win?" "The others ran too fast."
And thus I have not won nor shortlisted in the recently-announced results of the 2011 3-Day Novel Contest.
The winners (hurrah, hurrah, hurrah!):

HEIDEGGER STAIRWELL by Kayt Burgess of Aurora, Ontario
Kayt Burgess
Kayt Burgess
About the Author
Kayt Burgess is a writer, artist, opera singer and musician. She studied classical music at the University of Western Ontario and earned her Master’s degree in creative writing from Bath Spa University in the UK. Kayt was born in Manitouwadge, Ontario, grew up in Elliot Lake and now lives near Toronto after stints in New Zealand, England and Scotland. Heidegger Stairwell is her first novel. It will be released by 3-Day Books in September 2012.
About the Book
Music journalist Evan Strocker has almost finished a memoir chronicling his time with Heidegger Stairwell, an indie-rock legend from small-town Ontario whose members he has known his whole life. But the band thinks he’s left a little too much of himself on the page—allowing his experiences as a transgender man and his complicated romance with the lead guitarist eclipse the story of the group’s dramatic rise and fall. Through graphic notes and colourful marginalia, the musicians weigh in on their friend’s version of the truth, and fight to put their own testimony on the record. As Strocker’s manuscript finally comes together, both band and writer are forced to face a shocking new event that will once again change their fortunes.

Winning $500

Street Dogs by Brandon Hobson
Brandon Hobson is a PhD candidate in Creative Writing atOklahoma State University. His fiction has appeared in NOON, New York Tyrant, Puerto del Sol, Narrative Magazine, Web Conjunctions and elsewhere. He lives in Hennessey, Oklahoma, with his wife and son.

Winning $100

She Felt Like Velvet by Karen Cressman
Karen Cressman is a marketing writer with a fascination for all things Alice In Wonderland. She is currently developing three novels-in-progress and, of course, dreaming up plots for the next 3-Day Novel Contest. She lives with her husband in Brampton, Ontario.

Our Top-10 Runners-Up
  • Full Moon Rules by LENORE BUTCHER of Woodstock, Ontario
  • Alice’s Adventures Through a Very Big Mirror by VICTORIA DUNN of Ottawa, Ontario
  • Darius to the Max by CATHI RADNER CASTRIO of Argyle, New York
  • Not by TERRY LEEDER of Oakville, Ontario
  • Rounds Down Range by J.L. MYERS of Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • Half of No by KARI PILGRIM of Brooklyn, New York
  • Happily Destroyed by EVAN PURCELL of Bullhead City, Arizona
  • Deadfall by RACHEL SLANSKY of San Francisco, California
  • Lords of Ironfire by RUDY THAUBERGER of Vancouver, British Columbia
  • Banquet of Consequences by ANDERSON TODD of Toronto, Ontario

In honesty, I wasn't surprised. While I continue to have 'local dexterity', Vessels came out rather thin, and not nearly as dark as it might have been. It has potential, especially if I interweave the child-goddess's story with Effie's story, and pick up various dropped plot-threads, like the clues to the fate of Effie's husband. And embrace the dark as well as the humour.
I did get, as before, a lovely 'I survived' certificate with a shiny seal, and an entry form for next year. Oh, and a sticky note:
Barbara -
The judges had such a hard time choosing this year. They very much enjoyed your submission, as always. All the best to you for 2012!

As usual, some really intriguing titles in the shortlist. My choice for wish-I-could-read is Victoria Dunn's title, but the last two are pretty eye-catching as well.
I'd like to give a special shout-out to Cathi Radner Castrio, a 5-time entrant and regular poster to the ABE Bookforum 3-Day entrants thread, who hit the shortlist this year. Go, catrad, go!


Terri-Lynne said...

Win or lose, it's always good when they know your name. :)

batgirl said...

As long as they know it for good reasons and not 'oh god not her again'...