Wednesday, November 23, 2011

ergonomic cat

As you may recall, my 'writing room' has a HAG Capisco chair, which is super-ergonomic and ... has no provision for a lap.  Especially if I'm sitting in it backwards, which I do a lot.
Since the cat loves my writing sessions because I remain sitting for a couple of hours at a time, furnishing her with a lap, I wondered how she would cope.
She found a way.

In other non-writing news, I have successfully made apple peeling jelly, from this recipe here! I reduced the sugar and added a grated quince (from my brother's trees) for more pectin, and some ginger slices, not being a cinnamon fan.  
I don't know that I'll do this a lot, but I feel fairly virtuous about it, despite the extra electricity use.  And I can still compost the peels & cores afterwards.

You may have noticed, faithful reader(s), that I haven't said much about nature's goddamn bounty this fall. This is because something like 80% of the Spartan and Golden Delicious apples have Gone Away to be made into cider. So you may hear some groaning when bottling time arrives. 

In actual writing news, I have received 6 pages of editorial comments on the Dread Synopsis, which will require substantial revision (naturally). It seems I went too far on the expansion of historical scope / events / characters. Plus need to clarify motivations, provide closure to plot threads, etc. My agent includes this observation, which I found very interesting, so I share it with you:
As I read over this synopsis and thought about what kind of book succeeds I realized that what editors really want is a novel that feels like it has scope, but which isn't actually too complicated in plot because too much complexity undercuts the suspense and pacing.
There you are, actual writing advice. Now I need to take it into the revision.


Terri-Lynne said...

Your cat cracks me up. They are resourceful little beasties.

The writing advice comfustles me--a book that SEEMS to have scope that doesn't actually HAVE scope?? CWAZY!

batgirl said...

I think the idea is that the sweep of history has to be kept in its place, as mostly backdrop, and while there may be many viewpoint characters, they shouldn't usurp the position of the main characters.

And my cat is happily squashed between me and the chairback. Weird, weird animal.

batgirl said...

And another post that's attracting spammers, dammit.
SPAM-B-GON! I adjure you!