Sunday, October 16, 2011

fall harvest

Last year I cut the grapes back severely in the back yard. But in the summer I got distracted and let them grow madly again, so the grape harvest was not so magnificent a thing as it might have been.
Blueberries would snicker at our grapes, and kick sand in their faces.

On the other hand, with my Snackmaster! I'm collecting a fair bagful of raisins. Not seedless, but tasty. The grapes are tasty too. They may be Pinot Noir--it's been so long since the vines were begun that neither of us remembers. Maybe Cabernet. Then there's the green grapes on the arbour; no idea at all about those.

Behold! A study of my own. Chris's loft bed and shelves have been moved out (thank you, and I have bought a desk ($150) and an ergonomic chair (HAG Capisco) ($80) and dug out my old camping carpet ($25). Then bamboo blinds ($10) against the afternoon sun.
The small bookcases are temporary, because the plan is to fill both long walls with bookshelves, as per ch. 8 of The New Yankee Workshop by Norm Abram, Little Brown 1989. Then I can clear my stacks of books out of the window seat and the computer room. And the latter becomes Mark's office properly, so that he can sort, photograph, and enter antiquities in one place.

The cat approves the carpet as a good place to disembowel her catnip budgie. Next she would like me to get a comfy chair (free) for research, reading, and cat-petting.


Terri-Lynne said...

Huzzah for the new office! I have bamboo blinds on the window behind my desk as well, but it doesn't do much for keeping the sun from blinding me when it's coming full force through, unfortunately. Ah, well--for fifteen minutes every day, I suffer the indignity of having a bit of a lie-down on the futon tucked into the eave. My cats think it's their special time, and all sit on top of me, claiming whatever bodypart they happen to sit-upon.
Hey! I'll see you next week!

batgirl said...

Oh heavens, it is that close! I'd better panic.

I'm undecided between a fat squashy armchair (hell to get up the stairs) or a dignified wingback (not so loungeable). Hm. I bet I know what the cat wants.

Terri-Lynne said...

Hmmm...the cats will SAY they want the dignified chair, being so dignified themselves, but they really want the squishy one.

I think you do too!

batgirl said...

I do, but we have such narrow stairs, with a twist at the top. I might put my wooden rocking chair in, for the interim - it's too cold to rock on the porch most mornings.