Monday, August 15, 2011

random trip pics

These are still from the drive to Pennsylvania. Pics from the war itself next post.

More Montana geology. On the return trip we went through Wyoming and Nebraska and Utah, where I took more photos of landscape than of geology.

The rest area at Moorhead. Elisa and I recognised it as one we'd slept at two years ago, and very nice it was, too. Grass, trees, recycling, all good things. Do feel free to make your own Bewitched joke at this point.

In the restaurant (Brigid's Pub) at the hotel in South Bend that was our last night's stop before the war. I'm not sure why there's a callbox in the corner, but there it is.


Sharon Needles said...

Are you certain it isn't a TARDIS?

batgirl said...

That does seem the likeliest explanation. I wonder if the Doctor plays piano?

Sharon Needles said...

I'd be surprized if he doesn't.