Sunday, May 16, 2010

rockets of various kinds

I promised a picture with the rocket in bloom, so here you go.

This time I really do have news to report. Quoting:

Announcing the winner and honourable mentions for the
Rannu Fund contest!

Fiction Winner:
"Foretold" by Barbara Gordon

Fiction Honourable Mentions:
"Little Escher" by Robert Borski
"A Swarm of Shadows" by Francine Lewis

Fiction Judges: Don Bassingthwaite, Nick Stokes,
Sandra Kasturi

Poetry Winner:
"Barren - A Chronicle in Futility" by Steve Vernon

Poetry Honourable Mentions:
"A Good Catch" by Colleen Anderson
"Manifesting Universes" by Francine Lewis

Poetry Judges: Gemma Files, Helen Marshall,
Sandra Kasturi
That's me, that is, up there.

In other writing-related news, I've had my 3d set of revision notes for The Willow Knot, now getting down to aspects that don't require the story to be disassembled and shuffled. The end of revisions may be in sight, she shouts, getting the telescope out.

photo credit: Mark Shier


John Chu said...


fairyhedgehog said...

Congratulations! That's brilliant.

Terri-Lynne said...

That's amazing, Barbara!!! I'm so happy! So proud! Woohooo!!!

And yay for an end of edits in site. That's got to be a relief, eh?

batgirl said...

Thanks everyone! It came as a complete surprise - I sent the story just before Christmas and I'd almost forgotten about it. I'm still waiting to hear whether publication is included.
This will be the most I've made from writing to date, so a bit funny if the story isn't published.

Anonymous said...

THRILLING! Righteous! Deeply cool! Yet not, I would say, *totally* amazing, since it's always been only a matter of time until the world recognized the talented, many-named Barbara. Little dance of savage joy performed on your behalf just now, to the bemusement of office mates...