Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Two-time runner-up in obscure contest!

In which I trumpet my achievements to the world. Well, the dozen therein who read my blog.
You will recall, faithful reader, that over the Labour Day weekend I participated in the International 3-Day Novel Contest, to the tune of not-quite 20k words.
Hi Barbara,
Congratulations on making the shortlist once again! The
judges were very impressed with your submission. If you
haven't seen them yet, the results are up at
www.3daynovel.com. In a few days, I'll mail out your
Honourable Mention certificate and token, and a copy of
the winner release.

Until then, have a great week! I hope 2010 has been
treating you well so far.

Melissa for 3-Day

The results are posted here. I'm one of 15 honourable mentions, and I am no end pleased about it. Here's the full list:

Snowmen by Mark Sedore of Toronto, Ontario
The winning entry to the latest 3-Day Novel Contest is the story of a man who struggles to complete a record-setting trip across the Arctic Circle while his unstable and resentful brother plays a deadly game of sabotage. Snowmen will be released by 3-Day Books in August 2010.

McKinley M. Hellenes of Mission, British Columbia, for Everything Will Be OK
Winning $500

Victoria Dunn of Ottawa, Ontario, for Alice’s Adventures with Welsh Zombies
Winning $100


Miguel Burr (Vancouver, BC) for Flourescence
Keith Chittleborough (Glen Waverley, Australia) for Sheepless in Puckapunyal
Karen Cressman (Brampton, ON) for Breaking the Girl
Kimberly Davidson (Vancouver, BC) for Jabula
Alice Egoyan and Devon Motola (Fresno, CA) for 77
David Gibson (Hamilton, ON) for Cold Heaven Blonde
Barbara Gordon (Victoria, BC) for Culture Heroes
Meredith Kennedy (Palo Alto, CA) for Strange Alchemy
Edward Lineberry (Dallas, TX) for Forged Prophet
J.C. Locke (Carrboro, NC) for Big Crunch
Gavin McLachlan (Toronto, ON) for Give Up Your Self
Greg Morrison (Woodstock, VA) for The Goetist
Erica Naone (Allston MA) for Needle and Fang
Marion Stein (New York, NY) for Hungry Ghosts
T.R. White (Brampton, ON) for Billy Blue Bear


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ericanaone said...

Congratulations! I thought the title of this post was hilarious--I was totally distracted all day yesterday, all happy and excited, but telling anyone why required so much explanation...

batgirl said...

Oh I know - I read my email at work and my concentration was shot, but all I could do was phone my husband, until I got home and could blog about it.
I love the 3-Day.

Thanks, fairy!

Marion said...

From another honorary -- congrats. But I'd love to see the follow up where you write about fine tuning the novella, getting it full length and published as a novel which goes on to become a bestseller.

batgirl said...

Thanks, and congrats back!
But I don't think I have it in me to write a bestseller, since the key seems to be writing a book that appeals to non-readers (ie, people who don't normally read for pleasure). Alas, woe, and so on.

Terri-Lynne said...

Will sparkles work here? Let's see...
no, they don't. I tried and it said my tag was not allowed. So pretend there are fireworkish sparkles here saying, CONGRATULATIONS!!!

How exciting and fulfilling and all around awesome.

batgirl said...

Thank you, my dear - let me know if you want to read this one sometime.

Terri-Lynne said...

Are you talking to ME? Do you really need to ask?? Seriously! Send it!!!

Marion said...

Just came across this. Sorry, I'm late to the party. Congrats from another runner up! You might want to check out my blog for a story I told about the contest and surprising results!