Friday, August 28, 2009

animal planet

Theoretically we live in a city. The provincial capitol, in fact. But when I bike to work I have to swerve around the rabbits and the occasional deer, because the university forest and lawns are attractive to wildlife.
Here's a video Mark took in our backyard. Oh, yeah, we live on an island. What's the name of that rule about islands making big animals smaller?


Terri-Lynne said...

I had a fawn, pretty big but it still had its spots, walk across my front lawn today. I'm surrounded by wildlife, but it never gets old.

Kali said...

Isn't he handsome? What a lovely visit!

batgirl said...

We have no idea where he came from or went to. The university has acreage with trees - our neighbourhood has little copses you can see right through.
I'm guessing now that it wasn't caterpillars that ate most of the leaves off my little new cherry tree!

batgirl said...

And linkspammers have been trying to post here too.
Spam Begone!