Sunday, July 26, 2009

Olympia this morning

Is still cool, but promising to be hot once the sun is properly up. I slept with a sheet only, plus occasional cat, after pathetically conking out while Kristen was still loading up the van. It's a big van, with truck plates, and it will be interesting to see how it handles after I've been used to our zippy little Sienna.

Going through Customs--no, I should say going through Immigration--was stressful. I kind of understand how Customs works, because they want to know what you're bringing so they can collect duty on it. But I can't work out what Immigration wants, other than for everyone to bloody well stay home, and with the two services supposedly unified, I don't know which kind of question I'm being asked. And many of those questions seem to involve what I would consider my personal life. Like, why am I driving to Pennsylvania while my husband flies? How do I know the friend that I'm driving with? Surely I work in my husband's business?
Is it that strange to have friends from across the US border? To not be my husband's chattel?
Oh well, done now, and can look forward to the trip and driving. Kristen's doing a photo essay, so we'll stop fairly often for pics, but I don't expect I'll be posting any while in transit, even though I have a camera, not to mention the webcam on the EEE.

I used to wonder if I'd show up on some list or other because of having gone to Seattle for the WTO protests, but so far there's been no sign of that, only the 'Im in ur nashun steelin ur jobz' deal. Maybe it would be different if I'd been arrested then?

So. I'm not expecting to do a travelblog, given the spottiness of online access for the next while plus I Am Revising Willow Knot Like, A Lot This Month And Should Not Go Online Until Maybe Worldcon.
I squeaked into one of the workshop sessions for Worldcon, with the longer Bluebeard story. It's still pretty raw, but I couldn't tell from the info whether admission was juried at all, or just first-come first-served.

My belongings may be packed, but my thoughts, clearly, are strewn across the room in all disorder. So I'll sign off now and see if I can bundle them up in a sheet or something.

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