Thursday, March 19, 2009

the arthritis thing

I'm sticking with semi-denial that I have rheumatoid arthritis. Not the sort of denial where you refuse to take meds, but a surface denial because I seriously do not want to give up having palindromic rheumatism (best disease name ever, with spastic colon a close second) in favour of something as plebian as RA.
But yeah, on the medication side, I'm back on the 'anti-malarial that used to make you blind but probably doesn't anymore but get your eyes checked anyways', while still taking the 'chemotherapy drug that may cause liver damage, anaemia, pulmonary fibrosis but probably not in the dosage you're taking'. And I hardly ever have to take the 'anti-inflammatory that may eat your guts out'.
I'm now taking two drugs that disallow alcohol, so my 3 drinks a week probably has to drop to 1 (so it had better be a good one, like B&B or port). I feel oddly rueful about this, as if I'd wasted my non-medicated years when dammit I could have gotten staggering drunk! Of the things I've thought I might regret, getting staggering drunk has never before made the list. (Alas for my well-spent youth! I don't even know how to get changed in the front seat of a car.) Not puking drunk, because I figure migraines are a fairly accurate simulation of a hangover.
I asked my doctor whether I should still eat foods that are supposed to boost your immune system. My immune system hates me and wants to see me suffer, so shouldn't I be trying to beat it down with diet as well as medications? But no.

I don't want to sound all whiny, because a) the drugs are working because I can move my hands and so on, with only occasional little twinges and b) no noticeable side effects, despite the long scary side effects lists.
And since a few months ago I was chatting with two different SCA friends, both musicians, both with RA and both only getting anti-inflammatories for it--nope, no call for me to be whiny.

My real purpose in posting is to direct you to the bloggess's posts about arthritis, about which she is much, much funnier than me. Actually, about anything, especially the giant labia.

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