Wednesday, February 27, 2008

romance, and people being killed

Tomorrow I shall be across the seas and away--as far as Seattle, for Potlatch, where I'll stay with my very cool friend Lynn, and visit with other VPXers. I'm excited. I'm packed. I finally got my critiques for the writing workshop printed out.

I must share with you the best review I've ever read. After a discussion on the Scribblers thread about the plausibility of certain classic poems, including Curfew Must Not Ring Tonight, by Rose Thorpe, and The Highwayman, by Alfred Noyes, (conclusion: plausibility lacking, historically, psychologically, and physically), I found the (not entirely accurate) words to The Highwayman posted online, along with many many comments, only about a quarter of which were young people hoping to find someone else to do their homework.
A high school English class (all six of them) posted this comment about Sir Alfred's best known work: "We like the way the poem combined romance and people being killed."
What would I not do for a review like that?

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