Thursday, January 3, 2008

symbolically overweighted dates

There's a folk belief that whatever you spend New Year's doing is what you will do the rest of the year. There's empirical evidence that it isn't so, or a lot of people would be spending the year hungover and in their pyjamas. Oh, wait. At any rate, they'd be spending it sleeping in, which manifestly isn't the case.
I suppose I'd spend this year packing and on the road, which wouldn't be that surprising, even though I'm hoping to cut down the travelling.
Alicia, Halima and I were on the road before 9 am, leaving the Scribal Retreat behind and on our way to Port Angeles to take the Coho back to Victoria. We caught the 2pm sailing, and had about an hour to wander around the town, window-shopping. Which wouldn't be a bad way to spend some part of a year. I keep thinking it would be nice to spend a weekend or at least a day in Port Angeles, instead of an hour while waiting for a ferry or for my ride when most shops are closed. There must be bed&breakfast places.
That and the BC wine tour--things to plan for in the new year?

Resolutions: I don't make them, usually, because proverbially they're a setup for failure, and because I'm not a great believer in significant dates. Heck, I'm 50 now, and that doesn't seem to portend anything much, other than having maybe 20 years to go. There are things I would like to do during this year, but proclaiming that I will do them sounds like flicking Fate on the nose.
To get Willow Knot revised into submission-ready condition and submit it.
To write a first draft of The Cost of Silver.
To finish the Boxer Rebellion story and start submitting it.
To do the 3-Day Novel Contest again (reminder to self about the MPD plot).
To do Nanowrimo again, since I have a format already.
To finish painting the dancers wall-hanging.
To paint the view-through-door wall-hanging that's sketched out.
To reduce my SCA participation to events where I spend time with the apprenti and/or have been specifically asked to teach classes, preferably with my husband.
To visit England in the spring, ideally with both Chris and Mark, and link up with the UK Scribblers and with Lucia from VPX.
To have a weekend vacation with my husband unrelated to SCA events.
To clean out a quarter-to-half of the attic and store things so they can be found.
To watch the dvds and videos that I've bought in the last few years and haven't finished watching.

Promotions: Submissions for Viable Paradise 12 are open now, closing June 30 2008. If you write specfic, and can afford to get to Martha's Vineyard, you should apply. Seriously. It will very likely change your life. If you want to know how it changed mine, click on the viable paradise tag in the sidebar.
Changing your life is a good project for the new year. Even better than cleaning out the attic.

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