Sunday, October 14, 2007

my writing space

Orogeny posted a pic of her writing space, and I am torn between envy and admiration, especially of her gorgeous red sponge-painted wall. Athenais has a lovely clean-lined one as well.
Well, I have two spaces. Here's my downstairs isolation cell (no internet access) where srs writting gets done:

It's a window seat, and I am a total sucker for window seats (one of the reasons we bought the house, the main one being a room big enough for the 10x4' table). This is where I write in the mornings, when the house is quiet.
It doesn't look nearly as cluttered as it actually is, due to my not being able to show the full space. Wait, this is what it looks like from my side (note clutter):

And here's my upstairs writing space--I do have a sponge-painted wall behind it, in 'colours left over from the painters'.

I guess 'comfortable clutter' is about the kindest I can say, here.

Other writey stuff: I'm thinking of trying NaNoWriMo next month. This is my carrot (or is it the stick?) for finishing the second draft of Willow Knot this month and getting it to betas. Which reminds me I should confirm who still wants to beta it, considering that it's getting up to 110k (ah, the heady days when I groaned about it reaching 90k, dear dead days that they were when I was young).
So. If I don't finish the second draft, which includes cleaning up the new material enough that I'm not consumed with embarrassment about someone else seeing it, by the end of October, I can't do NaNo. So swear I.
But if I do get that done, I can play NaNo for the month of not looking at Willow Knot and getting fresh eyes.
This weekend I got the 'queen comes back from the dead' scene written, and revised the confrontation between Myl and one of her ladies-in-waiting. The lady has fallen ill and whispers are going around that she's been bewitched, and what did happen to Myl's brother anyways, hm?
I was aiming for drama, but. The chief lady-in-waiting, Havoisie, who's otherwise a bit of a self-important figure of fun, asked the stricken one just what was wrong with her. On hearing the list of symptoms, she sniffed and said 'You're not bewitched, you're with child. And if you think the queen had aught to do with that, your mother shouldn't have let you out alone.'
So Myl doesn't get a big dramatic moment. Sigh. But this may be better.

Next weekend I'll be at VCon, the Vancouver Science Fiction Convention, guest of honour Peter Beagle.
I hope I can get the subplot about the Lusantia refugees and the guilds all tucked in by then.


Anonymous said...

You may already have enough beta readers for "Willow Knot," but if you're still looking for someone, I'd be happy to read it. Lord knows, you've given me good feedback.


batgirl said...

Oh, I'd love it if you would - I've decided not to renew at OWW, and your crit was the only thing I'd be missing.

Anonymous said...

Good. Send it when you're ready.

I've also decided not to renew at OWW. I got a lot from it, but it's less useful for novels, I think.


batgirl said...

Exactly. If/when I go back to short stories I might return, because I did get some very helpful reviews for Chimps and for Climbing Boys, but for novels, not so much.
It means abandoning over 180 review points, but, meh. Paid forward.