Monday, February 5, 2007

roundabouts and swings: 3-Day Novel Contest

My goody-bag from the 3-Day Novel Contest arrived today, containing the prizes for a shortlisted entrant (me):
Dayshift Werewolf, by Jan Underwood, last year's winning entry, 3-Day Books 2006.
Wastefall: a novel, by Stephen E. Miller, random previous winning entry, Pulp Press 1990.
Blank book with 3-Day Novel logo - I almost bought this, because it has the whole little cartoon strip on it, but I bought the t-shirt instead. Worked out nicely!
RoGr Lee's tHreE-DaY AlBum, a cd written, recorded and compiled Labour Day weekend 2004.
Gilt-edged certificate of Bravery, Stamina and Extreme Merit for being one of 389 entrants who were able to begin, complete and submit an entire novel over the course of the September 2006 Labour Day Long Weekend, Official Shortlisted Entrant.
I survived sticker.
A form for 4 free issues of Geist magazine.
Early entry form for this year's contest (for Enthusiasts and/or Masochists).
Presenting the Winners info sheet.
A letter:
Congratulations on making the shortlist! It was a really tough year for our judges, with a lot of impressive entries, so making the final cut is certainly no small feat.
Enclosed you'll find a few small gifts to award you for your achievement. We've also included, for fun, a CD that was inspired by the contest and donated by its creator: after following the contest for many years, he took it on himself to write, play and record the entire CD over the three days of the 2004 contest.
I hope you keep developing Fold. Our judges found it to be compelling, and "very literary and sophisticated". Best of luck with it!
Melissa Edwards
Managing Editor, International 3-Day Novel Contest.

I am pleased, though still somewhat incredulous at having produced something considered literary and sophisticated.

On the roundabouts side of the equation, I saw my doctor today to discuss my blood test results. The level of whatsit (ACP?) is elevated, but not sufficiently elevated to confirm rheumatoid arthritis. So they're going to see about getting me a referral to a rheumatologist, and in the meantime proceed as if it were confirmed as RA, because that can't really do any harm. It's some sort of arthritis, and fits the RA profile better than anything else so far.

Not much more to say at present, and this is a writing-focus blog, so I'll leave it for now. I have an idea for a rant that may end up here, but it's too sketchy yet to post.

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