Thursday, January 4, 2007

interval: what's out right now

I'm waiting for someone on Absolute Write to start the Rejection Pledge for this year. Last year I made my target of 12 rejections, plus a bonus acceptance, go me!
This is what I have out on submission, so I have a head start on my rejection total, but I still don't think I'll go higher than 12, because I Need To Finish The Novel and can't be putting too much time into knocking off short stories:
'Spellcheck' is out to Tesseracts Eleven.
'Foretold' is out to Holy Horrors anthology (very longshot).
'Fluke' is out to Asimov's.
Siege of the Revenants is out to Juno Books.
'Bride of the Vampire' has just gone out to Strange Horizons.
And yes, as soon as I get the rejection for any of those, I have a next market pencilled in for it to head off to. None of these stories are lollygagging around the house, eating their heads off and dropping towels on the bathroom floor.

I don't think I've hopped about in a Christopher Robinish way about selling 'The King of Elfland's Stepdaughter' to Coyote Wild, have I? I should. I have been paid! I asked for a photocopy of the check, though I haven't framed it yet. I am a real writer!!!!eleventy!!!
I'm not sure which issue it will show up in. Not the first, I know that--the long story spaces are going to Elizabeth Bear and Sherwood Smith. Talk about starting strong.

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